Michael Harris-walker



Owner, Creator

I started skateboarding 33 years ago on a cheap fish tail Kmart board and mucked around for many years until I got a paddle pop (trick board) from a friend. ever since then, I have continued to skate and push myself to achieve. nothing has ever given me the satisfaction and achievement I get from skateboarding.

Over the years, I pushed my skill level to as high as possible with no interest of ever being a professional skateboarder. I just wanted to achieve what I thought wasn't possible within myself. Still to this day at 40+, I push myself to continue to learn and now teach the benefits of skateboarding, using the same mentality within my businesses (dust off, get back up and try again).

After over a decade working as a Youth Worker, I decided to make the move and create my own community organization Sk8 Therapy.

I currently hold the 3x Rumble on the reef master's street titles. (2020, 2021 and 2022)