Michael Harris-walker @sk8nBruiser

Owner, Creator and Head Coach of the Sk8 Therapy Team


South Australia(when in town)

About Michael

I started skateboarding 33 years ago on a cheap fish tail Kmart board and mucked around for many years until I got a paddle pop (trick board) from a friend, ever since I have continued to skate and push myself to achive, no other sport has ever given me the satisfaction I get from my skateboard. Over the years I pushed my skill level to as high as possible with no interest of ever being Professional just to achieve what I thought wasnt possible within myself an still to this day at 41 push myself to continue to learn and now teach the benifits of skateboarding not only within the sport but using the same mentallity within my businesses (dust off get back up and try again). After over a decade working as a Youth Worker I decided to make the move and create my own Youth and community organisation Sk8 Therapy.

I'm also honoured to have the opertunity to use my knowledge of both skateboarding and empowering youth through managing the own and Meanie Skateboards Team.

I currently hold the 2020 Rumble on the reef Masters street title and currently hold the South Australian Masters title as well.

Simon Ingels


South Australia


I first started skateboarding at the age of 9. I have loved it ever since!

I really enjoy being able to work as an sk8 coach and helping anyone who has an interest in learning how to skate. Skateboarding has brought me so much happiness over my life and to give that opportunity to others is a blessing.

I now also own and run Inbound Skateboards which I launched in 2015 and sponsor my own team. Also sponsoring and working within local skateboarding competitions is a big passion of mine and I’m stoked to able to do that too.

Matthew Charles


South Australia


I was 8 years old and had tried footy, soccer and several other sports but nothing had really clicked and I still hadn’t found something that I really enjoyed doing. I remember I saw people skating and asked my dad for a board cause I thought it looked so fun.

From the moment I stepped on the board, I loved everything about the sport. The feeling under your feet and on your skin when you’re bombing a hill, the mental game of learning a new trick and all the great friendships it has to lead me too.

Skating keeps me sane. I like to think I’ll never stop doing it as long as my body allows me to do so. For me, skating keeps me motivated in life, it gives me drive and direction. I know that I want my future to be with a board in hand, I love skating with my friends and trying to push each other to learn new things.

Saul Matthews


South Australia


I have been skateboarding for about 33years pretty much without ever having any long breaks, only for the odd injury that lasted at the most and only one time about 3 months. I started around 1987 at the age of 12 when they built a new subdivision in my small country town with new smooth roads with steep hills to bomb.

To me it was a no brainer going fast, trying to get air and learning new tricks it was exciting and I never got bored of it. 33 years later I still have that same excitement and want to encourage kids to enjoy a sport that lets you express your personality and creativity at the same time as staying fit and strong.

Michael Connelly


South Autralia


I began skateboarding in 2000 my brother brought home a skateboard and I was hooked ever since. I found something that resonated with my heart and passion. Skateboarding helped myself move out of my mind and into my body putting me in the present moment. It’s provided with a great social connection and a discipline that echos into everyday life. I love how everyone style is different and you see so much personality and charisma through every skater making it a diverse and creative platform for all arts. Skateboarding has saved my life and helped me get through times in life which didn’t serve my experience.

Ross dalaney



I started skating when I was 10 so I’ve been on and off a board for over 20 years. For me, skateboarding was always a fun way to express myself while getting my daily dose of adrenalin and exercise. Skateboarding has taught me how to get up when I fall, how to work hard for something, kept me fit and give me all-round confidence. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded legends. These days I skate for fun, fitness and to pass my knowledge on to others. I definitely get a kick out of seeing kids progress and enjoy seeing the stoked look on their faces when they learn something new. The feeling of learning something you’ve worked so hard for is unbeatable!

simon reynolds


About Simon

I started skateboarding in Melbourne at the age of 9 .I am now a 56 years old grew up skateboardering in the 70's, We had little to skate so we took to skateboarding the drains. Over the years I have ridden for many Australian and American companies And still do to this day. I have even forttunate to recieve my own board model, I also had the opertunity to skate in many skateboardering demonstrations, competitions while travelling through America, England and New Zealand, Featured in many magazine ,and appeared on Television.

I have gained coaching knowlege working with schools both doing demos and coaching workshops.

skateboarding is my life and ill be sure I will be shredding into my 70's and live to share my passion and experience in skateboarding to the generations to come.