Mentoring and NDIS programs


Our mentoring programs are an all inclusive tailored session that focuses on an individual’s needs to create positive outcomes.

This one on one program was created to allow everyone and anyone access to the positive mentors both within and outside the sport of skateboarding.

Every child can achieve success and benefit through mentoring sessions.

Our mentors work within in a therapeutic environment and allows your child to progress naturally and develop a sense of self.

A mentor can give your child the skills and ability to thrive in or outside of skateboarding, our focus is building on the life skills to achieve success in all aspects of every day life.

During each session staff will reflect with the participant on the set of skills learnt during the session focusing on their ability to achieve through their persistence and resilience. Staff also focus on building on life skills such as:

  • self-esteem

  • individuality

  • success through failure

  • ability to achieve

  • engagement within the wider community.

OurNDIS mentors can also engage with youth outside of skateboarding. We also offer other mentoring services to assist and mentor your child in creating a growth mindset while empowering them to achieve their dreams.

NDIS Sk8 mentoring sessions are available to be funded through a self or plan managed NDIS plan. Funding support letters are available upon request.

Please email for more details or to create a individual mentoring plan.